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Success Stories

The ultimate judgment on the quality of any company or product is made by its clients. We are pleased to have worked closely with the distribution and seafood processing industries for a number of years. Our clients speak for themselves when it comes to their reasons for selecting Computer Associates as their IT partner and Seasoft seafood software as their primary application software.

"We have been using Seasoft since 2000 and are delighted with the software and the service. The changeover to Seasoft was painless and Seasoft personnel were on site and helpful. They were extremely patient with our questions and insecurities and they were able to 'tweak' the system to give us exactly what we needed. My financial reports are easy to read and are given to me in great detail. I am able to see at a glance the state of business on any given day. I have been very impressed with the professional way all the staff members have treated us and have recommended Seasoft to many other companies in search of a comprehensive software package for the seafood industry.
Bonnie Anne Paiva
Tasty Seafood Company

"CAI's Seasoft software solution has enabled our company to realize 25% to 30% productivity gains in only one and a half years. We know where our profit margins are on a daily basis, and we can adjust the business accordingly, which is critical in the perishable Seafood products business.
Tom Spencer
Congressional Seafood

"CAI worked with us, right from the start, to understand the intricacies of our business. Their knowledgeable consultants recommended a combination of software and affordable, high-performance hardware that has significantly improved the efficiency of our operations and the service we provide to our retail customers.
Victor Lee
Fabulous Fish

"Seasoft simply lets us work smarter and more profitably. In addition, CAI quickly demonstrated to us how we could deploy new procedures and methods to increase our productivity through better purchasing tools, improved work flow and tracking and other best-practices that have helped to streamline all phases of our operations.
George McManus
J.J. McDonnell