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Success Stories

The ultimate judgment on the quality of any company or lumber, building materials and millwork software is made by its clients. We are pleased to have worked closely with the building materials and millwork industries for more than 30 years. Our clients speak for themselves when it comes to their reasons for selecting the Ponderosa lumber, building material and millwork software as their primary business and accounting solution.

"We have found Ponderosa to be ideally suited to the daily needs of our business, saving valuable time and improving the quality of service we provide. Ponderosa’s Inventory Remanufacturing Processing module automatically calculates chemical costs—based on the amount of chemicals applied to the lumber—tracks labor and updates inventory data for both the raw materials and the finished product.
Paul Scholtes
BB&S Lumber

"We are very pleased at our decision to implement the Ponderosa software and to have the opportunity to work with Computer Associates’ experienced and conscientious staff of consultants, data processing professionals, project managers and developers. The commitment of the dedicated people at CAI, and their wealth of hands-on experience with the day-to-day challenges of a business like ours are extremely refreshing. They worked closely with us to deploy a customized solution that continues to maximize the business value we derive from the Ponderosa software.
Carl Detering
Detering Company

"With Ponderosa, we’re able to immediately generate quotes for all project-related materials directly from the take off, and provide our customers, at the job-site, with accurate item specifications, quantities and pricing for any Moynihan product. Errors in quotes and sales orders are virtually eliminated, and we keep the customer happy by delivering product to the job site faster.

As Moynihan Lumber is faced with different challenges and with ever-changing market conditions at our various locations Computer Associates has always been there to help us remain competitive and profitable through its innovative Ponderosa software system.

Invaluable and unique software tools such as asset management reporting and the comprehensive Product Configuration [Pro-Con] software module has helped Moynihan Lumber to better service the diverse needs of our customers throughout the years.

It is quite obvious that all of your employees take great pride in the products and services that they offer. Looking back to less than a decade ago when we formed our relationship with CAI, who could have imagined the technological advances that have taken place in the LBM industries. Through your Ponderosa software system, Computer Associates truly is setting the standard for information system companies servicing this industry.
Brett Maloney
Moynihan Lumber

"Our manufacturing plant was certainly not operating at peak efficiency, so we evaluated a number of software solutions and found that Ponderosa was just what the doctor ordered. With Ponderosa, we have reduced our manufacturing time by almost 30% while virtually eliminating errors. Our service personnel can also easily track appointments, schedule service personnel, monitor service-related expenses, identify materials and costs, track the type of work performed, and highlight charge-back customers and vendors.

Ponderosa’s Product Configurator is also a staple in our sales and production departments. The software lets us accurately price, cost and set-up special-order windows, doors or stair systems, relieve inventory, track labor and schedule assembly time without pre-defined bills of materials and while our customers are on the phone.

Because of their unwavering commitment and support, we’ve deployed the Ponderosa software across each of our corporate locations throughout New England, as well as Savannah, GA and Ft. Meyers, FL to help us drive sales, reduce operating costs and consolidate business information. Truly, Ponderosa’s staff has become an extension of my business.
Peter Humphrey
Horner Millwork

"A major objective of the MBMDA is to provide our members with access to the very best equipment, software and services that can help them thrive in the market. We’ve enjoyed a close working relationship with the good people behind the Ponderosa solution and they’ve demonstrated, time and time again, a keen understanding of the challenges that each of our members face.
Bob Hellenthal
Executive Director, MBMDA

"Ponderosa has helped us deal with a rapidly changing door and window industry. The flexibility of software and the tight integration of the Andersen IQ software has enabled us to stay on top of these changes. The Ponderosa package has allowed us to manage our accounting, purchasing and inventory needs as well as meeting the needs of our customers.
Rick Bertolami
J.B. Sash & Door Co., Inc

"The Ponderosa software is an excellent solution of our business, saving valuable time and improving the quality of service we provide. We are pleased to have selected a software system that meets our diverse day-to-day requirements.
Steven Jones
Princeton Forest Products

"While the Ponderosa software has certainly evolved over the years, the team at Ponderosa has consistently gone above and beyond our expectations, delivering the timely solutions and services we need to stay competitive.
Southern Lumber
Charleston, SC

"After a thorough review, we chose Ponderosa Software because it will help us operate more efficiently while reducing our software fees.
Douglas Lumber
Smithfield, RI