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Product Highlights

Ponderosa software is a state-of-the-art lumber and building material manufacturing and distribution solution that helps our clients improve efficiencies, lower costs and maximize business performance.

To provide the ultimate in software flexibility, Ponderosa employs a sophisticated and, unique to the industry, concept of software parameterization. Through this technique, our consultants are able to selectively activate individual software features that most suit each client’s individual needs. This amounts to a partial customization of the software to each business’ unique requirements without the need for programming, which translates to a near custom system at the cost of a standard package.

  • Increase Your Productivity Across All Departments
  • Enhance Your Sales Quotations
  • Optimize Order Processing
  • Maximize Your Accuracy in Costing and Pricing
  • Improve Product Purchasing and Procurement
  • Increase Sales Efficiency with Contact Management Tools
  • Get On-Demand Business Information
  • Integrate Your Retail and Point-of-Sales
  • Achieve Significantly Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduce Your Business Operating Costs
  • Gain a Competitive Market Advantage
  • Operate in a State-of-the-Art Business Environment
  • Automate Your Product Configuration
  • Get the Best Management Reporting You Can get
  • Benefit from a Partner with Superior Service and Support
  • Single Source for All Your Business Technology Needs
  • Get a Guarantee Against Software Obsolescence