11/24/2009"ProVisions Helps Clients Improve Sales Efficiency with Powerful New Contact Management Tools"
November 24, 2009 — Computer Associates today announced that the ProVisions Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for food processors and distributors has been enhanced with a suite of powerful new Contact Management tools to help drive sales with more precision and at a lower cost.

The new Contact Management capabilities maximize sales efficiency by providing a central launch pad for your sales team. For existing customers, ProVisions’ comprehensive Customer Order Guide provides a detailed view of each customer’s specific purchasing patterns. Salespeople can utilize this data to understand changes in customer activity that can be adversely affecting revenue. Additionally, the software provides a quick view of each customer’s credit information, A/R detail, open orders and complete invoice history.

For generating new business, ProVisions provides a suite of new tools to help track contacts, prospects, sales opportunities, quotes and orders― even enter new orders―at the click of a button. From the Daily Sales Call and Prospect List to the software’s integrated calendar to track due dates for quotes and additional sales activity, ProVisions puts all data at the fingertips of salespeople, from a central location, and eliminate hunting around menus for the function they need.

“A key to sales success is a deep and thorough understanding of each customer,” said Pat Gannon, vice president of sales for ProVisions. “ProVisions’ new Contact Management features provide a host of convenient, well-thought-out tools that offer simple, on-demand access to the critical information sales reps need to make the most profitable decisions and close more business.”

For sales managers, ProVisions provides a high-level view of open and closed sales opportunities. You can quickly determine salesperson goal achievement and statistical analysis and see how each rep is performing this week, this month, over the same period as previous year or other comparative metrics.

In addition, ProVisions’ built-in Activity Analysis feature provides classic sales pipeline information such as sales conversion rates, close probability and other information, all in intuitive graphical charts.

With ProVisions, you can access the Contact Management tools wherever business takes you, so you never miss a sales opportunity. ProVisions recently announced the ability to access the ERP software on any Internet-enabled device, including the Apple iPhone and other ‘smart phones’. ProVisions is setting the standard in food processing business software mobility and remote access.

About ProVisions ERP Software

Developed in conjunction with an advisory group of clients in the wholesale food processing and distribution industry, and designed using industry-best practices and advanced computing technology, Computer Associates’ ProVisions Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software consolidates critical business information to maximize the efficiency of every aspect of your business and help your entire team work smarter, faster and more profitably.

The ProVisions software is designed to help you meet the unique challenges of weight-based, commodity-priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing and multiple freezer/warehouse locations are of paramount importance. Whether you deal with meat, bakery goods, prepared foods, condiments or other food products, ProVisions can automate your business processes, reduce operating costs and help you maximize customer service.

For more information, contact your ProVisions Account Manager at 800.422.4782 or visit www.caisoft.com/provisions.