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NG&G Turns to CAI for Network and IT Support

Infrastructure Services

We offer more than just “up status” or “down status” network monitoring. We offer end-to-end monitoring of networks (e.g., routers, switches, and firewalls), systems (e.g., operating systems, server hardware, and backup servers), and applications (e.g., databases, ERP systems, and job scheduling). Our integrated tools correlate information across these categories so we can accurately monitor and address issues as they happen.

Our infrastructure services include:

NetworkWatch: NetworkWatch provides you with a trusted business partner that continuously monitors all critical components of your network 24/7. NetworkWatch provides immediate alerts and scheduled condition reports that will keep your network functioning as it should and eliminate unexpected problems.
NetStorage: An off-site DRS (Disaster Recovery Storage), NetStorage manages your data backup’s so you don’t have to. NetStorage utilizes advanced proprietary backup technology and 256-bit AES encryption to ensure secure reliable data exchange. Click here to download the NetStorage white paper.
NetPatch: Our patch management service retrieves, analyzes and evaluates all software patches, determines their priority and compatibility, and updates software applications throughout your network.
NetCare: NetCare is your very own outsourced network IT department complete with Help Desk. Our network professionals perform on-site and remote network management on an as-needed, annual contract, or prepaid hourly block basis designed to work within your IT budget.

Computer Associates also provides:

Full Network Design & Installations
Existing Network Upgrades
PC Servers, PC Terminals, Desktops, Workstations, and Laptops
Handheld Barcode Readers and Data Collection Devices
Web Hosting and Web Site Design
Business E-Mail Service with Enhanced Filtering
Web Filtering, Spam Filtering, and Virus Protection
Complete Business Software Applications and Solutions from our industry leading software partners

Click here for more information about CAI's complete infrastructure services.

NetworkWatch Network Monitoring

Today’s businesses rely on their computer networks more than ever before. Unexpected delays, slow/sluggish networks and network downtime cost companies millions of dollars annually through lost productivity, increased IT maintenance costs, lost transactions, lost e-mails and stress. These events also create significant problems for those trying to budget for these “unknown and unpredictable” expenses associated to their networks.

Computer Associates recognizes the impact and vital importance of your network to your business. Unexpected network problems are now 100% avoidable and predictable with NetworkWatch, a continuous 24-hour, 365-day business partner for your entire computer network, peripherals, and critical devices. Virtually anything connected to your network can be monitored by NetworkWatch. NetworkWatch is a continuous “eye on your network” that provides immediate notification on any network, peripheral, or critical device that’s not performing within pre-set threshold levels.

NetworkWatch provides:

24x7 Network Monitoring - NetworkWatch Service automatically examines the critical health status of devices and applications to ensure everything is functioning normally.
Peace of Mind - With NetworkWatch as your IT partner, you will never again have to worry about network downtime, unpredictable IT costs, or lost productivity.
A full-time remote Network Advisor and Administrator - For a low monthly service fee, NetworkWatch provides an “insurance policy” for your network. This inexpensive service will save a fortune in downtime, lost productivity and emergency network issues.
Failure Prevention - NetworkWatch provides immediate notification and identification of any network issue prior to system or device failure.
Reports - NetworkWatch provides Summary and Detailed network condition reports on status, uptime, issues and areas of concerns complete with Charts and Graphs.

Support Agreements

Like every other technology investment you have made, you need to know how to best manage one of your most critical assets—your network. How can you maximize the return on your investment and minimize your network operating costs?

In the constantly evolving world of computers and technology the options are endless. As a solutions provider, our job is to continually evaluate all options and provide our clients with service and support that are both practical and reliable. Computer Associates offers a wide range of post-installation support programs for our local and remote clients to meet every network requirement.

Help Desk: Computer Associates Help Desk, staffed by a team of certified network professionals, is available for 24/7 telephone support on a monthly subscription basis. Help Desk personnel are fully trained to deal with network questions, troubleshooting assistance, training and any other network related issue. Our experts will answer and track support calls to make sure your network clients stay productive.
Network Monitoring: Computer Associates recognizes that the first step in preventing network problems from disrupting business is to detect them before they happen. A network-monitoring contract from Computer Associates provides monitoring of the most critical part of the network. Monitoring contracts range from weekly system checks to online 24x7 network monitoring.
Remote Network Management: Apart from inspection and installation, most Computer Associates network services are provided without the need to visit your facilities. We can access, monitor and support our clients' networks remotely (via the Internet or direct modem dial) to address most maintenance, upgrade and training requirements instantly.
Prepaid Services: For companies without a full time network administrator, or for companies looking for assistance with an individual project, the Prepaid Services agreement is ideal. Onsite network administration, troubleshooting, repair, software installation and many others are all available at a discounted rate under a Prepaid Services Agreement. Prepaid Service agreements are available from Computer Associates Network Services for the support of Windows NT to Windows 2008 networks and may be contracted for a term of 6 months or on a yearly basis.
Internet Security Monitoring: Internet security monitoring provides for scheduled verification of the security of Internet connections and the installation of security updates to servers, routers and firewalls. Monitoring is carried out remotely on a scheduled basis with written reports issued to clients including recommended actions. For more information, check out our Network Services website at